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Ambassador urges adherence to one-China8k8 live principle

对话|苏炳添:我不想成为一个逃兵,我想做战死沙场的人 | 8k8 live | Updated: 2024-06-20 16:47:32

Ambassador Zheng Zeguang attends symposium on cross-Strait relations and delivers remarks. [Photo/Chinese Embassy in the UK]

On 17 May 2024, the Chinese Embassy in the UK held a symposium on relations across the Taiwan Strait, and more than 30 representatives of Chinese nationals and students in the UK participated at invitation. H.E. Ambassador Zheng Zeguang attended the event and delivered remarks.

Ambassador Zheng emphasised that no matter who becomes the leader of Taiwan, the basic fact that Taiwan is part of China and that there is only one China in the world will not change, the prevailing consensus of the international community on adhering to the one-China principle will not change, and the historical trend of China's reunification will not change. The Taiwan question is at the core of China's core interests. Completing the reunification of the motherland is the long-cherished aspiration of all Chinese people both at home and abroad, and the Chinese government and people are firmly resolved to achieve it. We will continue to strive for the prospect of peaceful reunification with the utmost sincerity and efforts. In the meantime, we will resolutely thwart any separatist plot for "Taiwan independence" and any interference from external forces at all costs.

Ambassador Zheng pointed out that since the DPP authorities came to power in 2016, they have refused to accept the one-China principle, distorted and denied the 1992 Consensus, stuck to the separatist stance of "Taiwan independence", stepped up collusion with external forces, and maneuvering to create confrontation, obstruct and sabotage exchanges and cooperation,  and undermine peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, causing continued tension and turbulence in cross-Strait relations. If they refuse to reflect on themselves, continue to make provocations for "independence", follow the old path of confrontation, and willingly serve as external forces' pawn to contain China, they will only sacrifice the wellbeing of people in Taiwan and push the island increasingly to the danger and risk of war.

Ambassador Zheng pointed out that the definition of the one-China principle is crystal clear and must not be distorted or challenged by anyone. The British government clearly stated in the 1972 Sino-British joint communiqué on the exchange of ambassadors that it acknowledged the Chinese government's position that Taiwan is a province of the People's Republic of China, decided to revoke its official representative office on the island on 13 March 1972, and recognised the government of the People's Republic of China as the sole legal government of China. It was only after the UK clearly made this commitment that the formal diplomatic relations between the two countries were established. This period of history must not be forgotten.

Some people in the UK out of ulterior motives are making case for "Taiwan independence" forces, clamouring to help Taiwan's "self-defence", supporting its participation in the World Health Organization, and worse still, colluding with Taiwan overtly or covertly. These behaviours severely violate the political commitments made by the British government to China and grossly interfere in China's internal affairs.

The one-China principle is a red line. China firmly opposes any country that has diplomatic relations with China to conduct official exchanges with the Taiwan authorities under any pretext, and firmly opposes any country supporting Taiwan in participating in international organisations where membership is exclusive to sovereign countries. Any words or deeds that violate the one-China principle and interfere in China's internal affairs will be resolutely countered by China.

Ambassador Zheng pointed out that peace rather than war and cooperation rather than confrontation are the mainstream public opinion on the island and the common aspiration of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. As General Secretary Xi Jinping noted when meeting with Mr Ma Ying-jeou not long ago, compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to the same Chinese nation, and all long for a peaceful home and harmonious family. To achieve this, it is imperative to promote the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations. The key is to adhere to the 1992 Consensus which embodies the one-China principle, while the essence lies in a common understanding of the fundamental fact that people on both sides of the Strait belong to one country and one nation. This constitutes the basic position of the government of the motherland on the Taiwan question and demonstrates the greatest goodwill of the Chinese central government towards our Taiwan compatriots.

Ambassador Zheng said that overseas Chinese nationals and students have all along cared about the cause of the motherland's reunification, and been resolute in opposing "Taiwan independence" and active in advancing the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations. Chinese nationals and students in the UK in particular have a glorious tradition in this regard. It is hoped that they will accurately grasp and take the initiative to communicate China's policies and principles, and play an active role in rejecting "Taiwan independence" separatism and promoting the reunification of the motherland.

At the symposium, representatives of Chinese nationals and students in the UK shared their perspectives and suggestions based on their personal experiences. They held the view that "Taiwan independence" separatism is unpopular and has no way out. Reunification is people's aspiration and China will surely be reunified. Promoting reunification is the common responsibility of overseas Chinese nationals and students in their pursuit of the cause of national rejuvenation, as well as a great mission of the times. Chinese nationals and students in the UK will take an unequivocal stand against "Taiwan independence", champion cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation, present the truth about the Taiwan question to British society, tell the story of China, promote China-UK cooperation, and contribute more to the great cause of the reunification of the motherland, and the friendship between the Chinese and British people.

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