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Straits Forum attendees denounce separatist8k8 casino link acts

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The Taipei 101 skyscraper commands the urban landscape in Taipei, Taiwan. [Photo/Xinhua]

China has the firm determination, sufficient confidence and strong capability to shatter separatist attempts for so-called "Taiwan independence", a senior official said over the weekend at a forum on boosting cross-Strait exchanges.

Wang Huning, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, made the remark while addressing the main conference of the 16th Straits Forum in Xiamen, Fujian province, on Saturday.

Separatists seeking "Taiwan independence" undermine the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait, harm the interests and well-being of people in Taiwan, and jeopardize national sovereignty and territorial integrity, Wang said, adding that their actions will push Taiwan to the brink of war and bring disaster to people on the island.

He called for people on both sides of the Strait to shoulder their historical and national responsibilities, firmly oppose "Taiwan independence" separatism and foreign interference, and safeguard the common homeland of the Chinese nation.

Around 7,000 people from different walks of life in Taiwan participated this year in the forum, the largest cross-Strait grassroots exchange activity. The event, which was jointly hosted by 86 organizations from both sides, gathered concerted efforts to promote cross-Strait integrated development for the peaceful reunification of the country.

The forum came amid tense cross-Strait relations after Taiwan's new leader, Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party, promoted a "two-state" theory in his "inaugural speech" in May, which was followed by countermeasures from the mainland, including military drills in the Strait.

Sean Lien, also known as Lien Sheng-wen, vice-chair of the Chinese Kuomintang party, who led a group to attend the forum, said, "I am here because I hope to have the opportunity to share the thoughts of Taiwan people with friends from the mainland. In Taiwan, the majority of people do not support 'Taiwan independence'."

"A lot of people still want to communicate and engage with the mainland," he said, adding that Taiwan people generally hope for peace and mutual benefit across the Strait.

The KMT has always promoted cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation, based on the common political foundation of upholding the 1992 Consensus and opposing "Taiwan independence", Lien said.

"I have proposed on multiple occasions to enhance youth exchanges between the two sides," he said, adding that it is hoped that young people can communicate face-to-face through opportunities like the forum.

For Lien himself, the forum was also a journey to return to his ancestral home in Fujian. About 300 years ago, the Lien family migrated from Zhangzhou, Fujian, to Tainan, Taiwan.

In the 1910s, Lien's great-grandfather, the patriotic historian Lien Heng, wrote General History of Taiwan, which provides a comprehensive account of Taiwan's history, from the Sui Dynasty (581-618) to 1895. It presents substantial historical evidence supporting the notion that Taiwan is an integral part of China.

"As can be seen from the history of our ancestors, we are trueborn Taiwan residents, and also proud Chinese people," said Lien, whose remarks were met with thunderous applause.

"I have seen many young Taiwan people who have developed well and integrated into local life on the mainland," he said, adding that these real-life examples are sufficient to demonstrate that cross-Strait integrated development is beneficial.

Lai Yueh-tchienn, a Taiwan news commentator, said at the forum that cross-Strait integration can counteract "Taiwan independence" and separatism.

Lai condemned "pro-independence" politicians and commentators in Taiwan for spreading rumors about the mainland's development, such as falsely claiming that the mainland's high-speed trains lack backrests.

"The purpose of saying these things is to escalate conflicts and escalate tensions between the two sides. Hatred is the DPP's goal," he said.

By encouraging more Taiwan people to visit the mainland, make contacts and forge friendships, the influence of those absurd statements will naturally diminish, he added.

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